Before you request, please double check that the request is not already published

Being humans, and with a crazy life to boot, we tend to respond and fulfill requests as fast as we can, however, we would like you to be patient when requesting.

Also note, this is not the place to report dead links you can take that to the Dead links section.

Requesting Format
  • Select Proper prefix before the anime name /game
  • Mention the resolution of the anime (ex: 720p )
  • Mention the Language you prefer (ex: Eng sub, Dual Audio )

Sample Request

One Piece 720p Eng Sub
Anime game all ages version

Keep in Mind:
  • Do not request anime without checking if it is already there or not.
  • If the download links are dead going to the dead links section is better.
  • Making a request does not guarantee that it will be queued for encoding, it depends on the encoders personal taste.
  • Don’t expect instant replies, as time passes, our work will increase, so please give us a few days at least.
  • No need to post multiple times, if it is been more than 5 days and no one has replied to your request/comment, please make a comment on the same request so that its noticed. Sometimes too many comments can hide your request before we see it.
  • Keep in mind that requesting too many animes will not be ensured that your anime will be all done. We do one request per person if there are too many requests pending.
  • One request at a time per user.
  • Be good, don't spam.
  • Not following rules will result in O_O/ ......warns ..maybe