anime encode request

  1. naveenk7

    Denied Request : Steins;Gate Special 2: Kyoukaimenjou no Missing Link - Divide By Zero 720p (Dual-Audio)

    myanimelist_link There is Dub version of this special. I watched that on, but I can't find this anime special on both animekayo and animekaizoku.
  2. keiji啓示

    fumiko no kokuhaku 1080p english sub
  3. D

    The Comic Artist and His Assistants

    Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to The Animation
  4. KuroKaze

    Digimon Tamers BD720p Sub HEVC

    so i saw this and i was very very tempted or apparently direct download link of that torrent: if you'd like to try looking for dual audio, that'd be great as well, but i'll be satisfied just fine with a sub...
  5. A

    Denied 『Request』 Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta - 720p/1080p BD

    Anime Name: Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta Resolution: 1280*720/1920*1080 Language: Japanese Notes: It's an awesome anime with crazy good fighting scenes, this is an example unfortunately i haven't seen any dub on Youtube that's why i don't request for dub. Please animekaizoku, i humbly request...
  6. NotKeita

    Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 3rei!! 720p Eng Sub

    Anime Name: Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 3rei! Resolution: 720p Language: Japanese|English Subbed Notes: There are 12 episodes in total along with 6 specials. If possible, add the specials too please.
  7. Oui Oui

    Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad 720p Or 1080p Eng Sub

    Anime Name - Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad 720p or 1080P Eng Sub Language - Japanese Audio and English subtitles Resolution - Max Resolution 720P or 1080P Extra Note - There was a one encoded with 360P by JK Lupine. If possible please upload an encode with max resolution.
  8. A

    Otona No Bouguya-san 720p Eng Sub

    Anime Name - Otona no Bouguya-san Language - Japanese with English sub Resolution - 720p Extra Note - Searched on Anime Kaizoku but with no avail. Assumption has been made that it's not available here yet
  9. KuroKaze

    Netojuu No Susume Bd720p+ X265 Dual Audio

    Anime Name - Netojuu no Susume - Anime - AniDB Language - Dual Audio or Eng Sub Resolution - 720p+ Extra Note - you guys don't have the bluray yet
  10. G

    Zetsuen No Tempest Bd 720p Eng Sub

    Anime Name - Zetsuen no Tempest / Blast of Tempest Language - Japanese with English subs Resolution - 720p BD x265 10bit Extra Note - MAL Link: Zetsuen no Tempest (Blast of Tempest) -
  11. KuroKaze

    Nanatsu No Taizai S2 Bd720p X265 Dual Audio

    Anime Name - Nanatsu no Taizai: Seisen no Shirushi - Language - Dual Resolution - 720p Extra Note - its a 4 ep precursor to the actual s2, but its between two 24 ep seasons, and its labelled as TV, so sadly its the actual s2
  12. G

    Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt Anime Request

    Anime Name -Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Language - English dub Resolution -720P 10 bit brrip Extra Note -
  13. Refrain

    Chäos;child 1080p Eng Sub

    Anime Name - ChäoS;Child Language - English Sub Resolution - Requesting 720p/1080p x265 or Better Extra Note - I'm not Kinda satisfied on lower res and the other ones are Deadlinks. Pls Take my Request
  14. Refrain

    Glass No Hana To Kowasu Sekai Movie 720p Eng Sub

    Anime Name - Glass no Hana to Kowasu Sekai Language -Eng sub Resolution - Requesting 720p or higher Extra Note - None in particular.
  15. KuroKaze

    Kiki's Delivery Service Bd720p+ Dual Audio

    Anime Name - Kiki's Delivery Service Language - Engsub or Dual Audio Resolution - 720p or 1080p Extra Note - thanks
  16. Naruto

    Satsuriku No Tenshi(angles Of Death)

    Anime Name - Satsuriku no Tenshi Engilsh name of anime:angles of death Language -Japanese Resolution -720p/1080p Extra Note -This anime is airing recently.Anyone did not seem to encoding it so I think I should drop a request. Anilist link: Angels of Death - AniList
  17. aradin

    Monogatari 2nd Season, 720p, Eng Sub

    Anime Kaizoku Link. Hi Pirates, how've you been? If you could Rencode this anime, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. (Video size : 1280x720) (Audio: Japanese) (Subtitles: English)
  18. D


    Need first season of DanMachi (Is it wrong to try to pick up girls n a dungeon?)
  19. aradin

    Nisemonogatari, 720p, Eng Sub

    Nisemonogatari - MAL Hi Pirates, how've you been? If you could upload this anime, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  20. KuroKaze

    Hayate No Gotoku (movie) - Heavens A Place On Earth (dual Audio Bd720p)

    you have the 480p version already i want the 720p or greater preferably 720p though mal: Hayate no Gotoku! Heaven Is a Place on Earth
  21. KuroKaze

    Digimon Tamers (dual Audio)

    whatever the best quality is, that you find this in im ok with it i just want this for nostalgia that sweet sweet nostalgia dual audio would be nice
  22. KuroKaze

    A Certain Scientific Railgun (bd 480p/720p Dual Audio)

    name: Toaru Kagaku no Railgun mal: Toaru Kagaku no Railgun for some reason, s2 is there on the website, but not s1. according to anidb it's been done in BD-Rip DA by many sources, but i don't have a clue as to which would be better (if i understood correctly) personally, i prefer the 720p...
  23. Holy Divine

    Gyakusatsu Kikanx265 720p Dual Audio

    Requesting Gyakusatsu Kikan x265 720p Dual audio Here the MyAnimeList url : "Gyakusatsu Kikan" Here are the Source files for the same:[Anime Land] Gyakusatsu Kikan (Dual Audio) (BDRip 720p Hi10P QAACx2) [0327D8D3].mkv :: Nyaa Thank You guys for making Such an amazing site for Anime Lovers.
  24. Holy Divine

    Sidonia No Kishi (2014) 720p Dual Audio X265

    Hi! Requesting Sidonia no Kishi (2014) 720p Dual Audio x265 Lucy only posted season 2 on the site.So,Please upload season one as well. Here the MyAnimeList url : "Sidonia no Kishi" source files for the same Login - Anime Torrents Thanks
  25. Holy Divine

    Angel Beats! + Ovas 720p Dual Audio X265

    Requesting Angel Beats!+ Ovas 720p Dual Audio x265 I know this anime is on the site,both in Eng dub as well as Eng Sub. Eng dub is in 480p and I want to watch is this anime in Eng dub but could not find any English Dubbed source for this anime. So,requesting it in Dual audio. Source files for...