1. F


    Anime Name - Moyashimon (S1 & S2) Language - Japanese (There is no dub) Resolution - 720p Extra Note - I have found 1080p sources for both seasons on S1: [-__-'] Moyashimon [BD 1080p x264 8-bit FLAC] :: Nyaa S2: [-__-'] Moyashimon Returns [BD 1080p x264 10bit FLAC] :: Nyaa...
  2. Jhonny

    Shaman King Sub 576p Eng Sub

    Anime Name : Shaman king Shaman King - Resolution : 576p if possible, source: [SOFCJ-Raws] Shaman King (DVDRip 768x576 x264 10bit AC3) [R3T] :: Nyaa (Subs are in the comments) [SOFCJ-Raws] Shaman King (DVDRip 768x576 x264 10bit AC3) [R3T] torrent - Anime - Other torrents - Anime...
  3. SupaKamiPV

    School Days Bd 720p X265 10bit Eng Sub

    Anime Post Title :School Days BD 720p x265 10bit Eng Sub URL of the post : Name of Encoder :Rejul A little bit about the issue:Mega link, folder was removed. This anime is also not on the encode drives.
  4. MugiwaraKun

    Guide To Animekaizoku Website And Forum

    Hey New Users, AnimeKaizoku is one of the best place to download Quality anime on the planet. Period. Hope You Enjoy animekaizoku as much as old users do. All The Anime have what they are in the name itself regarding where they are ripped from, is it subbed or dubbed or dual audio, Resolution...
  5. Rim

    Inifinite Stratos 2 720 Eng Sub

    Requesting Infinite Stratos 2 720 Eng Sub. I noticed that there was s season two on the site but there was only an english dub version. Thanks in advance guys. =] Here is the MyAnimeList URL : IS: Infinite Stratos 2