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    Encode Issue Nana (480p)

    Issue : More than one episode(s) have audio mismatch with the video, last known episode to have this problem - Episode 13 in English Dub and I believe Episode 10 was the other one. It was the episode were Nana introduces a friend of hers to the other Nana to join their band, and plays like Ren...
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    Which anime are you watching this season? Summer 2019

    Assasination Classroom Season 3! 😎 I wish. I am now watching Black Clover and currently at episode 54, Dr. Stone is looking pretty good as well although not sure how the story will progress to keep it entertaining. And I'm also looking forward to catching up with One Piece, hence I haven't...
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    Original Naruto Series (1080p/720p) (dual/Dubbed)

    Loving the new theme, I need to get on here more.
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    Original Naruto Series (1080p/720p) (dual/Dubbed)

    I understand, it is overwhelming. Surprised nobody has attempted. If I had the knowledge I'd probably attempt it.
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    Original Naruto Series (1080p/720p) (dual/Dubbed)

    Would it be possible as a group project?
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    Anime Encode (Request) Pokemon Seasons 11 to 19 in 720p dual audio?

    Anime Name: Pokemon Season 11 to 19 Resolution: 720p or best Language: English and Japanese (Dual) with subtitles. Notes: I know nobody probably requests this, but I have been wanting to watch all of the episodes I missed throughout my childhood. I wonder if there is a chance.
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    Which Is The Most Horror Anime Yet ? Suggest Me

    I beg to differ, at least High School of the Dead is a horror fiction genre. I guess Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress not really.
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    Where Are You From?

    I am of hispanic descends, but grew up in the United States. Blessed to speak two languages, however cursed to live here.
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    Which Is The Most Horror Anime Yet ? Suggest Me

    I would recommend Shiki, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress (sort of a zombiish monster) and perhaps Highschool of the dead, although most have seen that one already. But definitely Shiki!
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    Original Naruto Series (1080p/720p) (dual/Dubbed)

    I am really hoping they remaster the series. At least to 720p.
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    Is There Anyone Who Would Love Gangsta To Get A Second Season ? ;)

    Highschool of the dead was the only Anime worth watching about zombies and even with that it got pretty lame reviews. It was a cliffhanger, as well for Gangsta, with great animation good drama and story. I believe they did something similar with K-Project. A shame nonetheless.
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    User Upgrades

    Just donated, excited for this! I will blow my pc with Anime.
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    User Upgrades

    Ok I would like to donate please. I love your work!
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    User Upgrades

    Hi there, I am still a bit unsure how this works. You mean if I pay I can have all that anime on one account to watch or download whenever I want!? :0 Is this a monthly thing? Thank you.