10 bit

  1. C

    Dead Link Mononoke 720p 10bit BD Eng Sub HEVC

    Issue :Google drive link is dead https://animekayo.com/anime-series/mononoke-720p-10bit-bd-eng-sub-hevc/ https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1cB4BENoyaQd-8JmbdWXjf1h3X_8LaBzO
  2. L

    Senran Kagura Shinovi Masters: Tokyo Youma-hen

    Anime Name: Senran Kagura Shinovi Master: Tokyo Youma-hen Resolution: 1080p, HEVC, 10 bit. Language: Dual Audio Notes: The torrents for english audio that golumpa posted are all working and Erai Raws too
  3. Rahul Dey

    Blue Exorcist The Movie 1080p Needs To Be Re Encode

    Looks like Blue Exorcist The Movie 1080p Dual Audio BD x265 10bit Need to be Re Encode
  4. Ryuu

    Gensōmaden Saiyūki Dvd 480p X265-10bit

    Info --> Gensōmaden Saiyūki Recommended Source --> Exiled-Destiny The story of Saiyūki is amazing!!! The plot looks pretty good , the characters are all bad-ass and are grouped together on a journey to "save the world". "Typical Shounen" Well, I hope someone will take a little time off their...