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  1. Logoutrd

    Denied Itazura na kiss 720p Eng Sub

    Please Add this Anime Name: Itazura Na Kiss Resolution : 720p Eng Sub MyAnimeList: Itazura na Kiss
  2. kein_16

    No guns life season 2 720p english direct batch download

    Issue :
  3. Refrain

    Anime Encode Qualidea Code 720p Eng Sub

    Anime Name - Qualidea Code Language - Eng sub Resolution - atleast 720p x256 or higher Extra Note - it doesn't exist in this site.
  4. Refrain

    Glass No Hana To Kowasu Sekai Movie 720p Eng Sub

    Anime Name - Glass no Hana to Kowasu Sekai Language -Eng sub Resolution - Requesting 720p or higher Extra Note - None in particular.
  5. Refrain

    Mayoiga 720p Eng Sub

    Anime Name -Mayoiga Language -Eng sub Resolution -Requesting x265 720p atleast. Extra Note - pls tell me when will you guys going to upload. also im new to this forum xD
  6. Bart

    Macross Delta Bd 1080 X265 Hevc English Subtitle

    I know the 720p version is already there on animekaizoku, but please... anime at 1080p isn't the same as 720p.