1. Bugs Bunny

    Fate Stay Night Heaven's Feel III

    Hi everyone, Just wanna ask, when will Fate Stay Night Spring Song will be released on Anime Kayo. Any idea?
  2. Anime12

    Dead Link Say "I love you"

    Issue : Empty drive . No videos after opening drive fix please
  3. H

    Dead Link Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin {Nanana's Buried Treasure}

    Issue : I was searching for Nanana's Buried Treasure after I click on download and processed human verification I got a 404 error
  4. S

    Gintama 480p Eng Sub

    Issue : cannot download batch files
  5. aizawasensei

    Dead Link Umi Ga Kikoeru 720p BD Dual Audio HEVC

    Issue : dead link error >>> file missing
  6. L

    Encode Issue Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

    Issue : the 480p has the wrong english dub audio, and the 1080p cannot be played
  7. Ouma Shu

    Hayate no Gotoku!! - 1080P BD - DUAL AUDIO ENG SUB

    MAL Link: Hayate no Gotoku!!
  8. Kojiro Sasaki

    Anime and Philosophy

    Guys, there is a book called Anime and Philosophy; wide-eyed wonder edited by Joseph Steiph and Toistan Tamplin. I wanna ask if anybody has read it? If not has anyone any idea about the book? Please share your opinions.
  9. KuroKaze

    Digimon Tamers BD720p Sub HEVC

    so i saw this and i was very very tempted or apparently direct download link of that torrent: if you'd like to try looking for dual audio, that'd be great as well, but i'll be satisfied just fine with a sub...


    Beyblade(2001) Beyblade V-Force (2002) Beyblade G-Revolution (2003) ALL IN 720P or 1080P ENGLISH please I cant find it anywhere..this is my 1st request.
  11. K

    Watch order of Gintama in Kaizoku?

    Hello, im currently facing a dilemma right now. I've watched until Gintama° but as Idk which Gintama comes next after it when I searched it on Kaizoku. I really wanna watch the next part but cant because of this. Please help this weeb,
  12. AlchemistKaizoku-Oh

    Samurai 7 - BD 1080p Dual-Audio 10bit x265

    Anime Name: Samurai 7 Resolution: 1920x1080 Language: Dual-Audio + English Subtitles for Japanese Audio AniDB Link: Samurai 7 - Anime - AniDB Notes: If you can't find it in 10-Bit 2Channel OPUS Audio Encode I don't mind 8-Bit. Whether this gets Accepted or Rejected, thanks in Advance either way...
  13. S

    Anime Encode Nagasarete Airantou English Subs

    Anime Name: Nagasarete Airantou Resolution: 720p Language: English Subs Notes: Please upload this anime, it was released long ago but still isn't available on your website!
  14. yaboku

    Sub-Reddit for Anime Lovers

    Give a visit to the Sub-Reddit to download anime, you can request and download it from here AnimeSub
  15. Shadan12

    Website for Downloading Anime

    Download anime in with ost, game,etc. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.Forums — - Login 7.Anime Pack 1.43tb and Updating - MEGA
  16. Andrienne B

    Hunter x Hunter OST 1999/2011 (openings/endings)

    Anime Name: Hunter x Hunter OST 1999/2011 (openings/endings) Resolution: FLAC audio Language: Notes: Could you please upload the openings/endings of both 1999 and 2011 series? It would be greatly appreciated!
  17. KuroKaze

    Pokemon Generations 720p+ Jap+

    Anime Name - Pokemon Generations Language - Dual Audio (Eng-Jap) Resolution - 720p+, not lower than that, higher is ok. Extra Note - >MAL: Pokemon Generations (Pokémon Generations) - >Do try to look for both audio files, but in the event that you can't, either...
  18. J

    Jojo No Kimyou Na Bouken: Stardust Crusaders 720p Bd Eng Sub X265

    Anime Name - JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Stardust Crusaders 720p BD Eng Sub x265 Language - English/Japanese Resolution -720p Extra Note - OED download does not work.
  19. S


    I have an anime Ben- To in 720p if there is a way to upload it for others to have let me know .
  20. KuroKaze

    Boku No Hero Academia S2 Bd720p+ Dual Audio

    i see the raws (from 3 sources at least) out on nyaa have been for a little while make it dual audio or sub, not pure dub. h.264 or h.265 can be your choice, tho the file size will be smaller in 265, and considering that bnha has episodes around 150-200mb each, maybe we can do the with the 265...
  21. nofear

    Most Satisfying Ending Ever

    Please tell me which anime you think had the most satisfying ending ever (other than School Days of course)
  22. G

    Kemeko Dx | Kemeko Deluxe! | The Unknown Girlfriend (bd 480p)

    Dear animekaizoku pirate(s) I've been finding this anime everywhere but I don't seem to find it in suitable 480p clearity Its dead on torrent so please upload a 480p version of the anime if you kindly could it's been hard time finding single episode and downloading from many websites I hope you...
  23. Xen

    Best Overpowered Anime

    These are best anime to watch if u like MC is Overpowered ... 1) One punch man - Comedy -Carody -Action -Super power 2) Hataraku Mau Sama ! (Devil is part timer ) -Demon -Comedy -Romance -Action 3) Overlord -Action -Thrill -Strategy -Ecchi
  24. Xen

    Which Is The Most Horror Anime Yet ? Suggest Me

    Hi there ! I need little help from u peoples can u suggest me best Horror anime I saw "another" and I really liked it . Is there any anime similar or better ?
  25. Kinrex

    Anime Series You've Watched So Far?

    To be Honest if i count I have just watched around 60 to 70 Anime series...So I am Still a amateur lol...:p:p:p Tell me how many have you guyz watched so far and Show off a little..:cool: And If you can, share your list with us in here... Here's my list: kinrex's Anime List -