1. S

    Gintama 480p Eng Sub

    Issue : cannot download batch files
  2. maain77

    Naruto Shippuden-720p-eng sub

    Issue : no link found to download naruto shippuden in OneDrive.
  3. maain77

    Issue : there's no link to download Naruto Shippuden by OneDrive..while with Google drive there are links but some sort of error Is occuring.
  4. ma_men

    Denied Psycho-Pass Extended Edition - 720p - Eng Sub

    11 episodes of S1 cut into 46 minutes/episode + extra scenes
  5. (+-+)

    Darker Than Black 720p Dual Audio

    Name: Darker than black:Kuro no keiyakusha Encode: 720p dual audio MAL:Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha