1. J

    Dragon Ball Super: Faulconer Edition (JC Dragon Ball)

    Hello Anime Fans! My name is JC Dragon Ball. I am an editor who during the COVID-19 pandemic, have completed a dub of all 5 seasons of the anime, Dragon Ball Super. Using carefully sourced FLAC files of the original Bruce Faulconer tracks for the original Funimation North American dub of...
  2. Kirito1562

    Ai Yori Aoshi; Bluer Than Indigo; 藍より青し

  3. Janajyoti

    Pokémon - Us Season 1 - Indigo League Bd(english Dubbed) 720p X265

    This is new BD us Version Nyaa : [Koten_Gars] Pokémon - US Season 1 - Indigo League [BD][Hi10][1080p][FLAC][CC] (English Dubbed) :: Nyaa Missing Episode : Missing Eps + Ep. 0 + OST - Google Drive
  4. O

    A Certain Scientific Railgun (1 & 2) 720p Dual Audio

    Requesting A certain scientific railgun (season 1+season 2) Mal URL: Season1: Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Season2: Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S
  5. Janajyoti

    Pikachu Tankentai, Pikachu No Natsuyasumi, Pichu To Pikachu Dub Bdrip 720p X265

    Pikachu Tankenta : Torrent 103580 - AniDex Pikachu no Natsuyasumi :Torrent 103570 - AniDex Pichu to Pikachu : Torrent 103829 - AniDex
  6. MugiwaraKun

    Animes With Great Dub And Worst Dub

    Hey all, These are the animes which have Great Dub, Good Dub and Worst Dub. Feel Free to add more in the comments below. Great Dub: FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood Death Note Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Hataraku Maou sama Fullmetal Alchemist Code Geass Attack on Titan (Except Eren and Titan's Roar)...
  7. MugiwaraKun

    Guide To Animekaizoku Website And Forum

    Hey New Users, AnimeKaizoku is one of the best place to download Quality anime on the planet. Period. Hope You Enjoy animekaizoku as much as old users do. All The Anime have what they are in the name itself regarding where they are ripped from, is it subbed or dubbed or dual audio, Resolution...
  8. Janajyoti

    Armed Blue Gunvolt Ova 720p Dub X265

    Name : Armed Blue Gunvolt Details :Armed Blue Gunvolt or/Azure Striker Gunvolt (ONA) - Anime News Network Torrent : [CBM]_Armed_Blue_Gunvolt_-_1_-_Web_(v2)_(English_Dubbed)_[66A7EAE7].mkv :: Nyaa