link not working

  1. FR43NDS 2

    Dead Link Don't Toy With me Miss nagatoro

    Issue :Dead Link .
  2. FR43NDS

    Dead Link Black Clover - Episode 169

    Issue :
  3. Salinda001

    Dead Link 100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatteiru 720p Eng Sub HEVC

    Issue : Download link not working. Error 404!
  4. AkkuJ

    A Certain Scientific Railgun T - 720p - Dual Audio [LoliKiller]

    Issue : The direct download link shows 502 bad gateway error, and the GDrive link shows user limit exceeded error
  5. I

    Mushi-Shi - 720p 10bit - Dual Audio

    Issue : Video Links are Not working.
  6. R

    Dead Link Durarara!!X2 Ketsu 720p BD Dual Audio HEVC

    Issue : The link of this season is BROKEN! Please fix it, good job guys!
  7. prcbubu

    D.Gray-Man HALLOW 1080p Dual Audio

    Issue : Episodes from 6 are not downloadable.