Our last Crusade English Dub/Dual Audio

    Kimi to Boku no Saigo no Senjou, Aruiwa Sekai ga Hajimaru Seisen Dual Audio / English Dub MAL :- Kimi to Boku no Saigo no Senjou, Aruiwa Sekai ga Hajimaru Seisen
  2. cgombio618

    Denied Overdrive (2007)

    Please someone encode this anime. Thank you
  3. G

    Junkers Come Here

    Please add this anime movie Junkers Come Here in 1080p h265 10bit thanks a lot...🙇‍♂️
  4. L

    Banana Fish - 1080p - Eng Sub

    Would like to have it


    Beyblade(2001) Beyblade V-Force (2002) Beyblade G-Revolution (2003) ALL IN 720P or 1080P ENGLISH please I cant find it anywhere..this is my 1st request.
  6. AlchemistKaizoku-Oh

    Samurai 7 - BD 1080p Dual-Audio 10bit x265

    Anime Name: Samurai 7 Resolution: 1920x1080 Language: Dual-Audio + English Subtitles for Japanese Audio AniDB Link: Samurai 7 - Anime - AniDB Notes: If you can't find it in 10-Bit 2Channel OPUS Audio Encode I don't mind 8-Bit. Whether this gets Accepted or Rejected, thanks in Advance either way...
  7. NotKeita

    Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 3rei!! 720p Eng Sub

    Anime Name: Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 3rei! Resolution: 720p Language: Japanese|English Subbed Notes: There are 12 episodes in total along with 6 specials. If possible, add the specials too please.
  8. Tsunayoshi

    Request Section Rules

    Before you request, please double check that the request is not already published Being humans, and with a crazy life to boot, we tend to respond and fulfill requests as fast as we can, however, we would like you to be patient when requesting. Also note, this is not the place to report dead...
  9. Jhonny

    Witch Hunter Robin 560p Eng Sub

    Anime Name - Witch hunter Robin Language - Eng sub Resolution -480p Extra Note - (G_P) Witch Hunter Robin 01-26 :: Nyaa
  10. KuroKaze

    Denied Re-encode For Food Wars 2 Ova 2

    Anime Name - Shokugeki no Souma: Ni no Sara OVA - Language - Eng Sub Resolution - 576p+, or maybe even 720p if you think it'll work Extra Note - [Yarashii] Food Wars - Shokugeki no Soma OAV S2 02 VOSTFR - HD 10 bits :: Nyaa This is just a cleaner looking version...
  11. S

    Anime Encode Viewtiful Joe 480p Dual Audio

    Anime Name - Viewtiful Joe Language - Dual Audio (Eng-Jap) Resolution - 480p Extra Note - >MAL: Viewtiful Joe - >I believe this is only in 480p but if better than I would prefer that >1st season has been dubbed in english >2nd season is only english sub
  12. Someone Suspicious

    Steins Gate 0

    Anime Name -Steins Gate 0 Language -English Sub Resolution -720p Extra Note - When I searched to download steins gate 0, all I found were single episodes, and sometimes the link just lead to the same page on this website. Could someone please create a working download link for this...
  13. G

    Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt Anime Request

    Anime Name -Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Language - English dub Resolution -720P 10 bit brrip Extra Note -
  14. KuroKaze

    World Trigger Bd720p X265

    Anime Name - World Trigger - Language - Eng Sub/Dual Audio. (either is perfectly ok) Resolution - 720p Extra Note - is this a good source? im honestly curious. looks good to me. [NAOKI-Raws] ワールドトリガー World Trigger (BDRip x264 DTS-HDMA 24bit Chap) :: Nyaa
  15. Refrain

    Chäos;child 1080p Eng Sub

    Anime Name - ChäoS;Child Language - English Sub Resolution - Requesting 720p/1080p x265 or Better Extra Note - I'm not Kinda satisfied on lower res and the other ones are Deadlinks. Pls Take my Request
  16. Refrain

    Anime Encode Qualidea Code 720p Eng Sub

    Anime Name - Qualidea Code Language - Eng sub Resolution - atleast 720p x256 or higher Extra Note - it doesn't exist in this site.
  17. Refrain

    Glass No Hana To Kowasu Sekai Movie 720p Eng Sub

    Anime Name - Glass no Hana to Kowasu Sekai Language -Eng sub Resolution - Requesting 720p or higher Extra Note - None in particular.
  18. D

    Konosub Season 2

    I cant find any konosuba season 2 except season 2 ova
  19. 6


    Anime Name - Sanctuary Language - English Resolution -480 or 720 Extra Note - Sanctuary is a film noir OVA from the 90's
  20. KuroKaze

    Pokemon Generations 720p+ Jap+

    Anime Name - Pokemon Generations Language - Dual Audio (Eng-Jap) Resolution - 720p+, not lower than that, higher is ok. Extra Note - >MAL: Pokemon Generations (Pokémon Generations) - >Do try to look for both audio files, but in the event that you can't, either...
  21. RowShack

    Magi - Adventure Of Sinbad S01 [720p] [multi-audio] [multi-subs]

    Requesting Magi - Adventure of Sinbad [720p] [Multi-Audio] Here is the Nyaa link It has some seeds [DragsterPS] Magi - Adventure of Sinbad S01 [720p] [Multi-Audio] [Multi-Subs] Thank you
  22. KuroKaze

    Boku No Hero Academia S2 Bd720p+ Dual Audio

    i see the raws (from 3 sources at least) out on nyaa have been for a little while make it dual audio or sub, not pure dub. h.264 or h.265 can be your choice, tho the file size will be smaller in 265, and considering that bnha has episodes around 150-200mb each, maybe we can do the with the 265...
  23. SupaKamiPV

    Kotoura-san(the Trouble Life Of Miss Kotoura), Any 720p Or 480p.subbed. Please Upload If Possible

    HI please upload Koutara-san Anime subbed, if possible.
  24. SnSE

    High School Dxd All Seasons Bd 1080p Hevc Uncensored

    Hello. Can you please make a Encode of this Anime : High School DxD All Seasons (DxD,New,Born + Ovas and specials) in 1080p quality and Dual Audio or if it isn't possible at least Eng Sub ? P.S. I know that you did 720p but if you can also do 1080p, it would be great :) Thank you very much ^^
  25. Jciel Fujiwara

    Uta No Prince-sama

    From Season 1 up to the latest season pls