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This request is not an encode.
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This is not an encode request
Nyaharoo everybody!

After so many new posts and misplaced replies from users who still ask about the Request section, I want to retry it with this new sticky notice.
Maybe the old date causes users to think that the old post is no longer the case... who knows.


[TLDR] As you might have guessed it: Unfortunately there are still no changes.

But I want to try to answer at least a couple of questions that pop up recently within the community so some confusion can be solved beforehand or... not. It's up to you.

?? Hi you, I want to request [beep] can you pls add
-> No, the Request section is still closed, you still cannot request new anime (that might not be featured on AnimeKaizoku yet).

?? what'chu mean with yet?
-> "Ye(e)t" because anime will be posted every month, maybe every week, depending on the sources we use or the time each encoder has. If the anime is pretty new, you can expect it somewhen shortly after on our webpage.

Remember - this is a free-to-use community, We are doing this in our precious free time.

?? why sho shloooww, gimme new anime fashterrr, last update was shooo long agoo
-> That's not even a question. First: We have limited stuff. Second: This is our free time, don't boss us around. Third: IT's not like the encoders don't do anything. Besides releasing new anime encodes, we also have a lot of errors, bugs and general maintenance to take care of. With a bit of common sense, I don't need to ask for this but - please have some patience. We're doing our best to deliver splendid entertainment AND support.

?? But [beep] is really guud, pls add!
That's not a question either........ BUT - If it's reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaally reeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaally good, you can try to use the search bar (or button) on the upper right corner of the menu bar. We might have it in stock.

?? if the request section is closed why bother having one?
-> Rude. Just rude. The Request section was or still is part of our beginning and development. It's almost the same as asking why museums exists. Meh, go away. -_-

?? sorry
-> No, go away. Shuush Shuush!

?? can I send a request to you personally via private message?

Sometimes people are decent enough to do so instead of posting their request in almost random older posts or in their status, but then - I'm just someone from the old days, who still loves and cares about this frum. Even if it's old, outdated (maybe) and mostly quiet and inactive, I still don't want it to shut down but I also cannot fulfill your request as I also don't have the knowledge to do so. So sorry to disappoint, but I cannot help you out there. :(

More text than I expected. Well, I tried to do so in a little funny manner. But if you have read this all so far - well done and thanks for doing so. I hope this will help people solve some questions they might have.

See You until next time when we step into yet another world!
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