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Donator Access is a forum upgrade that allows you access all of the anime (old and new) from partner sites that joined in with us - Completely bypassing any sort of ads or shorteners, for good!

What sites are covered?

What does it cover?
It covers all anime content that is there and will be there in coming time. - some sites also include wallpapers, ost, and other stuff.
How to get access?
You can reply here saying you want to access and further details will be given to you over a private message.
Rich (BB code):
 - 20$   - 10$ An Edu - Drive account with Unlimited Storage - 10$
Note: All amounts are in USD

What else does this cover?

The Donator Access comes with the following
Celestial Dragon Usergroup
Higher Priority on anime requests
Respect ++
Our thanks for helping with server costs
Access to all our content over gdrive for the site you want.
How do I increase my comfort of downloading over google drive?
I'm gonna cover this in another sub-thread - for that visit this thread
How to Live Stream Anime with Donator Plan? - MyAnime.Space

How long does this last?

Lifetime, but please follow the rules that will be sent to pm.
When I say lifetime - I mean as long as we can run this.
Already have an account, Can you upload all your encodes to my Mega/Drive?

Sure thing. If you are a donator - we can upload the content for you where ever you wish as a dump.

Have some suggestions regarding this?

Reply here, we are always happy to listen to you or reach out to me if you are introverted.

Have some concerns regarding this?

Reply here or reach out to me via a private message and feel free to ask any questions and we will clarify.

Having trouble downloading?
Reach out to me via a private message and I'll help ya out.


Reply to this thread here saying that you want to access and i will drop you the information in a private message.

Side note: Please do NOT bug the Donators/World Nobles for any side access - even if you are not able to donate and want to have access, reach out to me - we can work something out.

This is not an earning program for us, this (plus some shitty popads) are what keep the servers running.
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I am interested in becoming a donor. Where should i be paying?