Dragon Ball Super: Faulconer Edition (JC Dragon Ball)



Hello Anime Fans!

My name is JC Dragon Ball. I am an editor who during the COVID-19 pandemic, have completed a dub of all 5 seasons of the anime, Dragon Ball Super.

Using carefully sourced FLAC files of the original Bruce Faulconer tracks for the original Funimation North American dub of Dragon Ball Z, as well as the original Dragon Ball Japanese tracks and covers of various tracks (both Faulconer and Japanese) contributed by the online community, I have created a version of Super designed to ignite nostalgia in fans who grew up with the original English dubs of Dragon Ball & Dragon Ball Z.

This dub took approximately 5 months of constant work, but the end result should ignite nostalgia bombs aplenty for Dragon Ball fans!

All episodes are 1080p native, with high quality audio. Tracks were extracted directly from the Blu-Ray, vocal and SFX channels only were kept, with all other channels removed, so no music was layered over another layer unlike other fan edits, giving all the music a native feeling working together in conjunction with the existing dialogue and SFX in crystal clear quality.

Please see the link below of the torrent in question which is located on AniDex, a popular anime torrent site:

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This torrent is currently being seeded permanently for the foreseeable future from a gigabit connection.

It also goes without saying, although this is a pirated fan project, I believe in supporting the official release and have ensured to include credits for all music, which I did not compose, especially those from independent artists. Please support artists everywhere!

For questions regarding this dub, you can reply to this post, or email me at [email protected]