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    What is this site about?
    You already know, don't act dumb.

    Who are we?

    What are Libraries or DDL ?
    DDL = Direct Download and it means you download directly from Google Drive.

    Access to it is only given to those who have contributed to support the cause.

    You can find more about libraries at All About Libraries And DDl

    What language are the anime series in?
    We do Anime in whatever you request,mostly they are Eng Subs, Eng Dubs and Dual Audios.

    What source did you use in your encode?
    We do not mention sources or subs, because if we encode some anime with some particular muxers or fansubbers (Ex. HorribleSubs) and we add the name in the headline, there might be multiple users who request for same anime but different fansubs which will just waste our time and make us not be able to encode and post new contents.

    Note : The only one who mention sources or fansubber name is the encoder @LoliKiller. The names are added to the last part of the files. Those with no name at the end are from muxers whose sources' names weren't specified.

    What format is your encode in?
    We mention if it's AVC(x264) or HEVC(x265). Our encodes are always 8-bit and we do mention whenever we encode something in 10-bit. 8bit is default here, so no need to mention. For CRF, you need to check it thorough mediainfo. Our CRFs are different, depending on each encoder using their own special values respectively.

    What Audio codec is your encodes in?
    Old Encodes were AAC and Vorbis and new ones are OPUS. Although you will still find some other codecs depending on what the encoder prefers.

    Why is there some anime I can’t download here?
    TF, which one? There isn't something we keep to ourselves, unless its DMCA-ed and we don't have a backup.

    What about Torrents?
    We post some time to time here and there like on nyaa and other sites.

    Why should I donate?
    There is no why, it's totally up to you to support keeping the site alive, at the moment we are pulling through with popads or such(we hate those too to be honest), but the file or encoding servers are not free of cost.

    You can help us sustain stuffs for you and build the community side by side

    How can I donate?
    You can donate via PayPal, Patreon, Paytm (reply here to get the code in pm), Payza (reply here or pm me).
    ATM the min amount is 5$, this keeps changing depending on how bad a pinch we are at that time

    I just donated,now what?
    We would suggest joining the forum (if not already) and messaging the admin(s) or making a thread in the support section.
    We will upgrade your forum account to donator access (Celestial Dragon) and will contact you for your Library logins.
    If you donated via paypal or patreon, we will add read access to the gdrive links, so you can either access it via your gdrive>shared with me folder.
    Or just visit a post and click "Download from G Drive" (this is under progress)

    You can also email us at animekaizokux[at] [gmaill] [.com] asking for logins

    What if something I want is not available?
    Drop a request here -> Anime Encodes Request

    My Anime is not updated!!! *panics*
    Sometimes, the encoder might be busy or lost on the path of life, in that case it's your job to drop a comment to guide the encoder's attention back to the post.

    I am having trouble playing an encode!!! *panics*
    No need to panic, try updating your media player to the latest version. If you still have a problem, the forum is open 24x7 or you can comment on the post itself, asking for assistance.

    Can I use a download manager?

    Can I search by Genre?

    Can i do a backflip?

    What is the forum?
    The forum is a separate community that supports clean anime discussions, moreover we also take requests ONLY from the forum.

    How much do i donate?
    Whatever the site is worth to you, could be 1 cent to anything you want.
    Donating any amount will get you lifetime access to the Library

    I need help with something else! What do i do? *panics*
    Don't panic, find us at the forum here. or reach us via Telegram, or other social media, or email us directly at animekaizokux [at] gmail . com
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    Did you stop uploading on Mega?
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    But we are currently zipping encodes given on mega, else the link goes down within an hour of posting
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    Zipping is a good idea.I told about it to your Facebook guy months ago.
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    Hi i'm the facebook guy.

    hate zipping but with too much dead link reports, had to