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Guide To Animekaizoku Website And Forum

Discussion in 'Guidelines' started by MugiwaraKun, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. MugiwaraKun

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    Nov 14, 2017
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    Hey New Users,

    AnimeKaizoku is one of the best place to download Quality anime on the planet. Period. Hope You Enjoy animekaizoku as much as old users do.

    All The Anime have what they are in the name itself regarding where they are ripped from, is it subbed or dubbed or dual audio, Resolution of the anime.
    The Encoders do a great job of posting all this in the name itself so you can know what you're getting into before downloading.

    Use These Guidelines so u can enjoy animekaizoku the most and get your anime to enjoy watching.

    1. The Resolution of the anime is 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p.
    Higher the Resolution, Better the Image Quality, Bigger the File size. 1080p > 720p > 480p > 360p. So Download Accoring to ur need.

    I mostly download everything in 720p/1080p
    Ex: One Piece 720p Eng Sub Ongoing Episodes Download | Anime Kaizoku is 720p episode

    One Piece 480p Eng Sub Ongoing Episodes Download | Anime Kaizoku is 480p episode

    So the Resolution is Mentioned in the Name itself.

    2. The Language of the anime is also mentioned in the name itself. They are 3 types of languages:
    • English Dubbed - The audio is english audio. Characters Speak English.
    • English Subbed - The Audio is Japanese audio. The Translations are displayed on the bottom of the screen. Characters speak Japanese
    • Dual Audio - The Audio contains both English and Japanese. They can be accessed from the media player settings by going to Audio>English or Audio>Japanese

    Ex: One Punch Man 1080p Dual Audio BD 10bit HEVC is 1080p resolution and has both english and japanese audio included

    Dragon Ball Super 720p Eng Sub 10bit HEVC Episode Download is 720p and has only English Sub which means Audio is Japanese with translations displayed at bottom of screen

    • BD means Bluray Disc.
    • BR means Bluray Release.
    • HDTV means High Definition TV release.

    Its the source from which the anime is ripped from.
    The advantage of BD/BR is the anime being uncensored or added extra few scenes or some animations redrawn/corrected.
    DVD is the same.
    HDTV means the episode is recorded while it is being aired on TV. They record it, cut adverts, rescale, adjust contrasts, brightness and upload it.

    Ex: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 1080p Dual Audio x265 10Bit Download As the name suggests its not from Bluray or DVD. but when you open the mega you can see the word BD in the episode name which means it is infact from Bluray Disc. As Shown Below:

    Screenshot (20).png

    4. x264 or x265
    x264 and x265 HEVC are video encoding libraries to encode video files.

    x264 is common and you can play it in any device like laptop, computer, TV, mobile, tab.

    x265 High Effeciency Video Coding is the latest library for encoding videos so it has both advantages and disadvantages. x265 video requires high processing power to play smoothly on devices.

    So devices like midrange mobiles, low spec pc or laptop and some older tv's cant play x265 videos. but if u have latest devices x265 is the way to go.
    it will also be mentioned in the name itself and sometimes in the information section.

    5. Anime Request
    The Encoders at AnimeKaizoku are humans only. They Cant possibly upload every single Anime there is on the planet. They do their best in uploading new animes almost everyday, So it's possible that you dont find one or two animes you need.
    You can post a request on the Anime Encodes request section on the forum. All you have to do is post anime name, myanimelist link, resolution you want, language you want that's it. Post it and be patient as i said the encoders are humans only. Having a source is helpful in getting the anime faster

    Ex: This Request was taken and will be uploaded once the encoding is done. Capture.JPG

    • Brown Box represents language.
    • Black Box represents Resolution
    • Red Box represents Source.

    Source is not mandatory but having a source can help encoders get started faster without searching for it.
    Note: Boxes are drawn for users understanding.

    6. Last but not the least AMAZING FORUM!!!!!
    there is an amazing forum where you can ask literally anything and you will get replies fast from amazing people. Be Sure to explore the forum.

    Hope this helps. Comment down if you want anything.
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  2. Sawada Tsunayoshi

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    Well detailed and helpful post
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