Other Important Notice (Read this Please) - 5th Feb, 2020



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AnimeKayo Staff
As you all know, there are a lot of dead links on the site. And dead links reports are a blessing for us under normal circumstances. But not this time. The amount of dead links is extreme and can be considered at a really large scale (almost equal to complete site content being dead). So, now that dead links reports are kind-of "unnecessary" when we already know majority of the content is dead, we decided to lockdown this section to prevent addition of any new threads.

We will update all the posts on the site. And in doing so, we will fix all the dead links. Doing so, requires a lot of time and a lot of manual effort from all of us team members.
And hence, we ask for you beautiful users to be kind and be patient for us to fix the stuff up.
We hope to be done with this soon. We have already made a decent progress towards this and hope to keep doing better and be at a full 100% soon.
We will purge all the threads under this section once we are sure that almost all of the posts on site are updated and fixed.

Till then, this section will remain locked and if you have any queries or issues or suggestions, feel free to drop us a PM.

Kind Regards,

@Sadao Maou (Darklord),
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