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Issue: I can't download anything related to "Qwaser of Stigmata". I get an error 404 not found, Please solve this.


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Cierra Kobayoshi

Cierra Kobayoshi

Staff member
Hello there,

as you might have seen in the Dead-link section, there are quite a few posts related to this series (compared to other animes).

It seems like the original uploader is not part of this community anymore or has stopped uploading content since mid-2018, which means that the possibility of a fix is quite low. The whole series was reported for a while and hasn't been picked up for fixing/reuploading.
Of course, any other uploader could take this anime and re-upload it but then it's up to him or you need to request it again - which is also a bit difficult since we do not take in any new request for the time being due to an overload of other requests.

Sooo... I don't want to kill your mood there, but there are just two opportunities, one of them requires a lot of patience. The other one is to look for another source.

Sorry for the inconvenient message.