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Waiting for the Request Section to open again...
Really want to watch the old Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken's new BD release before I start with the 2020 remake, but the only mini HD encode used too much degrain which actually doesn't look nice for that cel animation...
I'd do it myself if I had the means of production, but for now I must be patient.😔
Do the encoders even bother with huge BDMV dumps? :unsure:
This is a smaller source; still too large for personal use of course.
1080p Dual Audio if anyone sees this :s
is there habe batch dowload in EErased
Kinda confused of some of the Dead Links from more than half a year ago... I don't know how to handle them... Well, most of them are now working links...lol
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Lustful Loli
Lustful Loli
Well, Kayo won't get missing links report again, so your workload has decreased.......